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Catapult Fiction Workshop

This 1-day workshop is open to writers who have already taken Hilary Leichter’s 2-Day Flash Fiction Generator, or who have some prior experience writing flash fiction and are looking to hone their skills. Students who have taken the 2-Day Flash Fiction Generator will bring the background, context, and readings from the previous class into this rigorous workshop setting. We will focus less on prompts for generating new material, and spend more time with each individual writer’s project, engaging in close readings of their work, and finding a way to strengthen and bolster each writer’s voice. How do these submitted batches of stories fit together and paint a larger picture of each individual author’s preoccupations, ambitions, and appetites?

We will spend the first part of class reading several published flash fiction pieces and prose poems from writers like Diane Williams, Rita Bullwinkel, Pu Songling, and Morgan Parker. After completing a warm-up exercise, we'll move into a workshop, taking a thorough look at each writer's stories, keeping an eye out for opportunities to expand and contract the sentences, and discussing ideas of compression, innovation, and the way desire and yearning can explode a story, no matter the size. While we will be focusing mostly on fiction less than a page in length, the tools we use to build miniature worlds are the same tools that writers can use in their poetry, nonfiction, and long-form fiction work.


- 1-3 finished flash pieces

- A critical understanding of the form and its compositional challenges

- Detailed feedback from the instructor, including ideas for where to submit the finished stories

- Access to Catapult's list of writing opportunities and important submission deadlines, as well as a 10% discount on all future Catapult classes


Students will need to submit 1-3 flash stories to the instructor and the class a week in advance. They should also be prepared to bring handwritten feedback for their peers to the class. Workshopped stories should be under 1,000 words (no minimum length). A writing sample is required for admission for students who have not taken the 2-Day Flash Fiction Generator. 

Earlier Event: September 14
Catapult Fiction Workshop